Experience at The Midway

900 Marin Street


“NETZ2.0” by Jens Vetter, Marc Schroeder, Yağmur Uyanık

& Joey Verbeke, Jason Charney, Camila Magrane, Cere

Davis, disnovation.org, ecco screen, MASARY Studios,

“DELT∆” by Olivier Ratsi

Gods & Monsters

5:00 pm Hydroplane

6:00 pm Nihar & Subset

7:00 pm revlux

8:00 pm Tayhana

9:00 pm Lefto

10:30pm Legowelt


3:00 pm Doc Sleep

4:40 pm CYRNAI

5:30 pm Mozhgan b2b Josh Cheon

7:30 pm Veronica Vasicka

9:15 pm The Hacker presents Amato Live

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A/Visions 3 at 906.World

906 Broadway Street

The Chamber

5:00pm Yoga Session ft. Showga & Shiva

6:00pm Cool Maritime & Emily Sprague

7:00pm Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith presents: “Tides: Music for Meditation and Yoga”

The Nave

6:30pm Freeka Tet

7:15pm Steve Hauschildt and Martin Tzonev

8:15pm Lawrence English

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Digi Lab 3.2 at 906.World

906 Broadway Street

12pm Low Frequencies: Dimensions of Well Being.

An exploration into how deep immersive music and sound can affect our emotional, physical, and mental well-being with Robot Koch, Shiva, and Kode 9. Moderator: Co-founder/President of SUBPAC + StudioFeed, John Alexiou

1:20pm Guided meditation in sound with pre-recording from Daedelus

1:30pm Network + Experience. Break out, connect and come to ground with bass focused installations

2pm Artist Q&A with West Coast bass legend Ana Sia

2:15pm Live performance by Ana Sia. Audiences can physically experience sound using SUBPAC wearable technology.

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Digi Lab 3.1 at Goethe Institut

2 pm Collaboration and Communication Across Spaces:

Creating Across Cultures and Time Zones with Christopher

Jette, Lottie Rippon (dublab/ shesaid.so), Moderator:

Hannah Silk Champagne (Redeye Distribution)

3pm Lawrence English: In Conversation with John Twells (FACT)

3:45pm Choose Your Own Adventure: Making Your Career as an

Independent Artist Today w/ Andrew Jervis (Bandcamp),

Evelyn Malinowski (Experimental Housewife), Prem Kumta

(Up All Night), ecco screen, moderated by John Twells (FACT)

4:35pm Local Challenges: The Trials and Tribulations of the Creator in

San Francisco with Sohrab Harooni (RS94109), OSE

(GHUNGHRU). Moderator: Chris Zaldua (SURFACE TENSION)

5:15 pm Play Your Part: The Future of Musical Instruments, with

Tenkai Kariya (Zetaohm), CYRNAI, Gina Collecchia

(Spatial Inc.), Hugo Paris (Lavender), Will Stockwell

(humble audio). Moderated by Lance Hill

(Vintage Synth Museum)

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Nocturne 1 at 1015 Folsom

Installations: “Apice by Quarso + ”Mishka” by Marpi ft. Chrysalis & Hawke

Main Room

9:30pm “Alkahest” by BLEIE & Chelley Sherman

10:30pm Smerz

11:30pm Amnesia Scanner

12:30am GAIKA

1:30am “Digging in the Carts by Kode9 & Koji Morimoto


10:00pm Layne

11:00pm Abandoned Footwear & arc

12:00am Byetone

1:00am Arpanet

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A/Visions 1 at California Academy of Science

Coral Reef

6:30 pm Michael Claus

8:45 pm Solpara

Morrison Planetarium

6:30 pm “Sphere” by Robot Kich & Mikael Le Goff + “Indivisible” by susy.technology

7:30 pm “Sphere” by Robot Kich & Mikael Le Goff + “Indivisible” by susy.technology

8:30 pm “Sphere” by Robot Kich & Mikael Le Goff + “Indivisible” by susy.technology

9:30 pm “Indivisible” by susy.technology


6:30pm Piano Rain

8:00pm Echo Beach


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