Digi Lab 3.1 at Goethe Institut

2 pm Collaboration and Communication Across Spaces:

Creating Across Cultures and Time Zones with Christopher

Jette, Lottie Rippon (dublab/ shesaid.so), Moderator:

Hannah Silk Champagne (Redeye Distribution)

3pm Lawrence English: In Conversation with John Twells (FACT)

3:45pm Choose Your Own Adventure: Making Your Career as an

Independent Artist Today w/ Andrew Jervis (Bandcamp),

Evelyn Malinowski (Experimental Housewife), Prem Kumta

(Up All Night), ecco screen, moderated by John Twells (FACT)

4:35pm Local Challenges: The Trials and Tribulations of the Creator in

San Francisco with Sohrab Harooni (RS94109), OSE

(GHUNGHRU). Moderator: Chris Zaldua (SURFACE TENSION)

5:15 pm Play Your Part: The Future of Musical Instruments, with

Tenkai Kariya (Zetaohm), CYRNAI, Gina Collecchia

(Spatial Inc.), Hugo Paris (Lavender), Will Stockwell

(humble audio). Moderated by Lance Hill

(Vintage Synth Museum)